Tuesday, July 31, 2012

tentative schedule (7/31/12)


1st: Flirt4free (morning) Kink live (4pm-7pm)

2nd: Work (possibly at 10am) Kink Live (6pm - 9pm)

3rd: Streamate (morning) Kink Live (5pm - 8pm)

4th: Shoot with Saltwater productions @ 10am , Thelma's super awesome birthday party @barsinister (10pm-2am)

5th: Alternative Engagement Photos Group Shoot (message me if you'd like to attend) @3pm

6th: Flirt4free (morning/afternoon)

7th: Streamate (morning/afternoon)Kink Live: 7pm - 10pm

8th Flirt4free (morning/afternoon) Kink Live: 5pm - 8pm

9th Streamate until noon ,1pm - 3pm (new internet installation!! woot woot) (additional streamate times and flirt4free are available after internet installation)

10th Flirt4free until 11am, Dead Fish Studios Shoot (3pm)

11th: Shoot with Jimi King (time tentative), Meetup @ barsinister

16th: Arinston Collander shoot (time tentative)

18th: Glass Slipper Studio Group Shoot @ 11am

19th: Summer Slam @Staples Center

31st: Das Bunker White Party


27th - 30th WASTELAND WEEKEND!!! (in california city... if you're out there let me know, maybe we can carpool/shoot)


27th Day of the dead festival @ hollywood forever cemetery

as always for the most up to date info... follow me on twitter (I post at least 30 mins before going online and I should be online for at least 2-4 hours)

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