Monday, July 16, 2012

schedule (as of 7/16/2012)

(tentative schedule: feel free to ask me about any dates you see blank. All times are Pacific times)


18th M-Hanson Shoot

19th School/Dark Knight rises in the night (nerdy I know)

20th Spaceballs @ Egyptian theater (7pm) Das Bunker after (possibly)

21st Sci-fi girls shoot w/ AlterrorLA (11am)

22nd Arinston Collander shoot?

23rd Star trek aniversary movie re-release

28th Model Casting Call 10am - 4pm


1st: Kink live (4pm-7pm)

2nd: Kink Live (6pm - 9pm)

3rd: Kink Live (5pm - 8pm)

4th: Riverside group shoot (if I can find a ride/carpool), Thelma's super awesome birthday party @barsinister (10pm-2am)

6th: Kink Live: 6pm - 9pm

7th: Kink Live: 7pm - 10pm

8th Kink Live: 5pm - 8pm

11th: Shoot with Jimi King

19th: Summer Slam @Staples Center


27th - 30th WASTELAND WEEKEND!!!

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