Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So there was a bit of randomness to be had with the ladies at valley cam girl studio. I implore you to enjoy this version and the booby version up on the site. Feel free to see whose currently online by clicking here!

If you haven't seen my latest zivity set you should take a gander at it. Took a while to get it up but it's finally there and very messy. If you like it or any of the other sets I have up (other sets not by me for that matter) do give them a vote. Voting supports shooting and goes to both model and photographer do show some love when ya can :)

Also shot another set for zivity's wet t shirt contest add week with Leonard Thompson! I'll keep you posted on when that goes live here or via twitter! It was a very cold experience and I'm sure my doc Martins are out of commission for the week as a result but sol very fun to shoot

Got to go to a Katrina brown group shoot (finally) and had loads of fun! Even got to be in some additional themed shoots which is a welcome surprise. can't wait for the next shoot.

Other than that life is rolling along as it does. Still saving up for my own place (which I may require sooner than expected yet I'm not entirely surprised by this notion).  Other fun shoots to look forward to and tons of streamate time to chat away the day with all you fine ppl :) 



(Pacific times and schedule is subject to change. Typically mon through Friday is for streamate and weekend days /Friday night is free for shooting. If you'd like to attend a group shoot as a photographer or model feel free to click the links to sign up or inquire)
*27th streamate from 11am _ 4pm
*28th streamate 11am_ 4pm
*2nd pinhook shoot (on fetlife)
*3rd  SWP Shoot
*16th kiddieland meetup
*24th geeky pinups/high times shoot
*30th Wondercon meetup


That's about it so far! Hope you all have a lovely week!!


Britney Siren