Thursday, March 14, 2013

The passion of lovers is pretend

So a few weeks ago I shoot a new set for zivity with Kryztopher Johnson-SWP.... I'll be posting a sample pic later in the blog. The name if the makeup artist and other photographer eludes me at the moment (sorry about that. If you're reading this it's not personal, I'm just terrible with names. You were super awesome!) I got to the shoot despite my huge desire to hibernate for the winter. So yay for that. We're planning another shoot for sometime next month that I'm very excited about... Bikini fancy hat and uber stripper shoes will be evolved. Should be a real "hoot".

Speaking of hoots... I have some very special owl undies that you can purchase from me along with other fancy panties. (I'll work on getting those up and others ASAP) Maybe parties aren't your thing? Skype shows are also available. Looking into incorporating gaming sessions in them for extra fun! Prints perhaps? If you have am inquiry about any of these things do drop me an email by clicking this very link right here. You can also visit my store by clicking here to see what's already online.

Even if you have a question about buying old wardrobe. I trend to sell things off after I've shoot in it drop me a line for that as well.

Got a few kind words from some awesome streamate guys...
(was gonna post some messages but I'm feeling some what lazy now lol)

Thanks so much. Kind words do matter!

**Schedule so far...***

Monday - Friday : I'm normally on Streamate from 11am - 4pm pacific time of any given week.
You can see all of the lovely ladies who work at my studio, when they are online by going to Valley Cam Girl's Website



16th Kiddie Land Meetup

23rd (possible shoot? tentative)

24th Geeky Pinups and High Times shoot (if you'd like to attend as a model or photographer do click the link and join this most wonder group of folks, get some great pics and meet some great people)

30th Wondercon


BOOK ME!!!!! <3

Finally if you guys would like me to cover any topics for YouTube vlog... Drop me a line for that too. It's been a while since I've done that. Would be fun to get back into that.

Britney siren


  1. I am a new follower, via your tumblr blog i have found you to be amazingly beautiful; sexy and with a warm and honest personality. Thanks (onlyloveisblackwomen)