Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Update yo life

So here's my formal update that I was promising today! For all those who care here's a time lapse video of the feather shoot I did the other week.


^--- check it out, it's at that link. Silly girls like me aren't sure how to embed this code so this is the best I can do.

Schedule update 2/5/13

Monday - Friday (4th - 8th) : In studio at Valley Cam Girls! 10am - 4pm If you'd like to book a show feel free to check out my store vgrl.me/bss and for the actual live shows (normally online by 11am pacific time vcgrl.me/bssm ) Feel free to pop in

9th: ANDERSON shoot for Zivity! @ 2pm

12th Alan (shoot)?

16th DJM Photoretouching Shoot

(most monday's and friday's I'll be in studio but feel free to book something with me over the weekend)


Other than that not much going on,  Still saving up for a car/new place. Things have been relatively calm. Social life has been improving quite a bit and I just bought a fuck ton of random colorful underwear. Life is going pretty good! :)

So with that said I bid thee farewell then :P

^------another D W Kim shot! Zivity Set coming soon!!!!


A very tired

Britney Siren

Off to rest time I go

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