Saturday, February 9, 2013

A formal post of more formality less filling

Since I have today to do with what I please (today's shoot was cancelled due to weather) I figured it'd be a nice time to write a long drawn out cacophony of words to satiate my writting fixations. One problem with stability is there's not much to say. Most days are the same and that's not as entertaining to read. Much of the mundane is lost in minutes and hours and lumps together until there is a high point.

So what's the high points of this week? Other than the very fun masturbating santa clause hobo I saw from the bus or other scary hobos throwing things at ppl making me rethink how much I really need to focus on getting a car. Oddly enough I didn't look at all that as anything out of the ordinary or that terrible. I remember when I lived in the middle of no where briefly so I can honestly say I prefer something to happen sometimes to let me know that life happens though this is a bit extreme I guess. It amuses me how there can be expensive lofts and entertainment in the same area where there are so many transients and poor that they're slowly trying to flush out. There's so many different activities and even while doing nothing one can be amused by watching all the people in their hustle and bustle and imagining where those folks might be off to.

I have no real complaints about life. I've learned to maximize my long bus rides by checking messages on them so that's kinda cool. Less time for gaming though that's not super important. There will be times where I'll have too much time for that so I'm not super worried.

Hopefully I'll have enough to start looking into cars in the next month or two. Apartment hunting by the summer would be pretty rad. I've been looking into a few areas that seem promising price wise.

In general I'm excited about the future. About expanding the areas I can shoot in. Getting back into school perhaps? (guess that's a wee bit further down the totem pole but I give it a thought here and there).

Learning to appreciate what I have and what could come... and to stretch better so that I don't get random muscle cramps attempting to do a basic spin on stripper poles :P

I look forward to strengthening bonds already made and the new possibilities...

I'm just happy

(don't have much of a schedule update to add just yet so I'll save that for another day now I'm off to apply to some more gigs and then who knows )

by hamyak hakopian :P

XOXO (from a semi resting siren)

Britney Siren