Friday, January 4, 2013

I feel proud, remembered my blogger password w/out having to look it up

For me that is... quite the achievement. Just in time for me to possibly change it again :P

**Schedule so far 1/4/13**


5th Club Hentai @ Sanctuary LAX Studios (meetup link here)

 6th FGV Photo (group shoot) I don't have all the details yet and I'm guessing this probably won't happen but on the off chance that it does some how become an organized venture I'll post another update though it is looking pretty unlikely

 11th God Module @ Das Bunker (going to see them... also have a meetup scheduled so if you'd like to attend that w/ me then click the link yo)

13th Tom N Toms Meet and  Greet (meetup link here)

17th Saltwater Production Company Shoot (tentative)

18th WWE RAW @ Staples Center 7:30pm (sooooooo excited!!!)

 19th (tentative shoot date)

25th Spirted Away/Pom Poko @ the Egyptian Theater (meetup link here)

26th Batcave @ medusa lounge (meetup link here)

Any who I haven't been as active as I'd like to be. Some of you might have heard me mention my sickness. Well it was a tough fucker kicking and clawing at me for a couple of weeks. I'm still slightly sniffly but I think that's mainly due to my addiction to chocolate and dairy products. I'm sure that could've been slowing down the healing process as well.

Sooooooooooo what's been happening lately? I've started selling more crap on ebay. Slowly getting house chores done (I shall tackle another part of my overwhelming amount of dirty laundry after I finish writing. Joys of not having a car I guess) I was going to have a couple of shoots today but I never heard back from one person and the other got really sick so we're rescheduling. Kind of feel glad that it wasn't me being sick this time. I do get sick/fatigued quite a bit. Since I've been taking even more vitamins I've been feelin a little better. Whether this is all a placebo effect or not is unknown to me but whatev's it's workin' :P

Have a few meetup's planned for the month. Trying to organize a shoot schedule that doesn't overwhelm me and make enough time for work. Next week when I don't have to do laundry everyday I want to register at Central so I can do more background work. I met some nice folks last time and hell why the fuck not... I live in LA and they shoot shit here all the time and I'm pretty seasoned at walking so it just seems silly not to do it :P I would've done it sooner but... the bus directions there leave something to be desired.

After that... I'm thinking if the next month or two goes well... I'll register for school for the summer session. Should give me more time to save. I also know I can't get financial aid b/c of my loan default status. I FINALLY did one of those credit check things and it's pretty bad. If I were more responsible then I wouldn't have even attempted to go to one of those private schools... they charge 3 times as much as a regular university which is already overpriced so for a couple of months of school I owe enough to buy a few decent cars *sigh* I want to deal with this cause there's no way I'll be able to rent a place with this shit on my credit :/

Also I have a new set on zivity! If you haven't seen it please check it out! There's another that should be coming soon! If you enjoy my work please support if you can by voting on any of my sets that you like. It pays both the photographer and model which is pretty awesome!

I guess that's about all I can think of right now. I'm pretty happy today.... sleepy since I've been up since 6:15am but happy. May need to nap before I head out into the great gray concrete jungle.

^ --- By DW Kim (zivity set coming soon!! Watch out for it!!)


Britney Siren

PS: Thank you for the gifts that I got for Christmas and all the well wishes! Thank you all for your support... for srsly you're awesome :)

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