Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A moment of clarity

Now that I have a moment where I'm not running around w/ squirly all  here's a general update on life, shooting and the pursuit of the all mighty dollar. Found a normal day job with regular hours... YAY! A few things I'm not entirely used to that I have to readjust to. Being on transit most of the week. Being outside, Dealing with humans on a day to day basis. Standing for long periods of time. Remembering shit... uh actual normal work days and the amount of money that means for said day. Not having endless amounts of time to do menial house tasks like before.

On the positive side, even if I didn't need this... I kinda need this. When you work from home you don't interact with any real humans (I mean you kinda can, but you don't) Things become a little odd when you don't have real human interaction for days or don't get real sun exposure/a nice walk. With this job I've gotten to do all that. Also the brain gets this little boost when learning something so far from one's comfort zone. 

So I'm tired but I am happy that I can start a normal budget and not cry about buying food b/c I'm not sure If I'll be able to make my minimum. That said I don't think I'll quit web camming all together. For one no adult can live off min. wage especially in LA... I'd literally have to not eat or do anything else and walk to work in order to do that lol. I'm trying not to cut back on the days I'm online but there are days where I'm far too tired to get up to do it. I've tried night time and I'm sure it could possibly work out if I were consistently on at night. At this time I've been on so much in the AM that there are ppl I see even if I don't tweet or mention anything about it. Could try to slowly ease into coming on later? I'm not sure, there's something about saving the nighttime for being a lazy fuck and eating and staring at the ceiling that I find immensely appealing. 

Ok now that all that dribble is out of the way here's a run down of my schedule thus far. Monday - Friday I must reserve for working. At least until I get a car though on occassion if the location is near my house/downtown LA I can still do it after work since it takes about an hour to get there from work. Would preffer sat/sunday though


*24th Manos (the hands of fate) May go see this after work @7:30

*25th Spirited Away/Pom Poko @ Egyptian Theatre @7:30 (would just love to see this on the big screen)

*26th @2pm DJM Photo Retouching Shoot  , @10pm Batcave Uniform Night (really wanna go, we'll see what happens)

*31st Another Rift Traks movie @7:30pm



Aside from this.... have quite a few sets that are being published on Zivity for you to enjoy and some up and coming too!! If you got no clue what zivity is, it's a site where you can vote on sets and the photographer/model both get a little change for your votes, so if you really like a set you can give le votes which in turn makes us wanna shoot many a picture for your enjoyment! 

Watch out for this last one very VERY soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

(so yeah sexy ladies, shoot with him... he's pretty rad)


Britney Siren


  1. hey...that sounds pretty good to me..I really wish you all the best for 9to5...:-)....but I still hope that you don't quit your wonderful shootings.!
    9to 5 is ok...you really can deal with it...a regular life with a regular income...that's ok!
    see u and have a nice day....in germany...it's 9:30pm...and the day has passed...

    1. well actually lost my job the day after this... ironic... so things are back to where I started

  2. uhhh...I'm sorry about that...but I'm sure you're gonna find something new...don't surrender yourself..I'm quite sure, you won't...!....and there will be the perfect thing for you...you just have to find it!....;-)...nobody knows!

    1. yeah I'm sure something else will turn up

  3. :-)...don't forget...whatever you do...it's the right thing, cause YOU did it and YOU made a decision.....doesn't matter if a try worked or not..but you tried it and that's great!...
    see u