Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life update

The past few weeks have been enlightening. I think I have a clearer idea of what I want in the short term and some ideas about what I want to persue once the cards are right. My own limits and about putting my well being above others. I don't mean ignoring others needs but I'd been ignoring mine so long and so many things that I was unhappy with just to spare others and ultimately no one ends up being happy.

I know that I will only continue to grow from here on. While I know that rough patches happen here and there I think it will all be ok.

I've been happier and more spirited lately. Thinking about my next plans, saving and happy with some of the helpful and useful gifts I've gotten from a few ppl over the past few months. I'm really happy to finally have what I've wanted for so many years, stability.

While I'm a little unhappy about my spending for the past week. I plan on keeping any additional spending for the next 2 weeks to a min. (Though I know I'll have to schedule some sort of hair appointment *sigh* and I do need to purchase a printer. I was going to try out for some game show for shits and giggles but wasn't able to get to a printer in time. A lot of these job things are really short notice and I almost feel like not applying for extra work b/c of the whole printer issue more than the lack of a car issue so I'm thinking I should add that to a priority list hahaha!)

I got to work with Mr. Paolino yesterday which was a very lovely experience. I'm very happy with the pictures I saw in the cam. I can't wait to get some images back from him.

I also plan on getting some sort of multi-vitamin either next paycheck or the one afterward b/c I know my eating habits are very poor and I want to balance out my health a bit more and have loads of energy for loads of fun (lol loads of fun)

Kink has been awesome to me! I know that the times I'm on there don't correspond with everyone's schedules. I'm debating whether I should try doing a few shows at home during later hours for those who always miss my shows... though chances are that would have to wait for me getting some better lighting. I think my net connection should be fast enough for it (I upped the speed yesterday... Not sure if I'll need to go higher but I think it's the medium level speed... though paying 10 more bucks wouldn't bother me if it'll mean a smoother show.) Perhaps even getting another cam though I think the one I have now is pretty clear.

Also been playing some Samurai Showdown IV and not sucking completely which is awesome. I'm loving that I'm finally getting use out of my fight stick. Even though I don't know anyone who plays, it's a game I've always wanted to master b/c of the way it plays. Timing rather than button smash. Some memory involved... a game that not many ppl even understand how to do combos in. The speed of the game isn't super fast which I enjoy. The fact that the characters actually bleed when hit with weapons are all very appealing to me. I can't understand games that have weapons and no blood what so ever.

Been reading a very awesome book that someone got for me too about BDSM and I've found that just because someone is a bottom in the bedroom doesn't mean they are submissive in life. All sorts of nifty things that I've wondered about. It's making me question where I stand. I'm also feeling proud of serving and having a better appreciation for those who wish to serve...

On my long bus rides I hope to get another few chapters finished (w/out random ppl interrupting my reading though that can't be helped sometimes lol)

I guess that's about it for now... time to get back to be a lazy siren

^---image by Photo Socal

End Transmission

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