Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Siren's Magic Bus Ride!

Normally when I get home I like to unwind with a nice bottle of water, a few games of blazing star and samurai showdown and maybe a bad movie or two and some star trek. Before I get started on all that though I'd like to spew out the mental frustrations of bus riding in Los Angeles.

Ok maybe it's not that frustrating... I mean for the most part buses sorta come when they should. It ups the commute time by 3 times but it's better than nothing at all.

Sometimes I don't mind overhearing random banter though it can be a bit distracting because lately I've been trying to use this time to catch up on some reading. ( BDSM book actually) I don't like ppl asking me what I'm reading especially when they've interupted my learning process by just trying to hit on me with some lack luster lines. I mean at least pretend to be interested in what I have to say if that's what you're gonna do, if you're even going to bother to ask me what I'm reading... :-/

Then there's the normal loud talking I've learned to semi drown out... though today's talking was more distracting than normal. I kept overhearing some guy get really pissy b/c "black women" weren't responding to him w/ the respect he deserves apparently. Lots of blanket terms. "Oh these hoes out here mad at me 'cause they got 3 babies by 3 different baby daddies" "oh her friend hatin by sayin she's taken cause she got real hair and"  Lotsa stupidity.

As I stop myself from interupting with a.... perhaps you don't get respect from black women, not because they ALL WANT LIGHTER PPL but perhaps you don't command respect b/c you don't respect yourself. Perhaps you're projecting that you're more important in their lives. People are rude for any number of reasons, perhaps it was your approach especially when you use the words hoes to describe women, would appear that you don't have enough respect for the women you're demanding respect from right? How do you know she has that many "baby daddies" and even if she does what does that matter to you? Is she any less human than you, less deserving of respect? Her friend is hatin' because she's either telling the truth or trying to save her friend who might be the very kind type who doesn't want to be rude to anyone (I've been there myself actually) and say hey you're an ugly ignorant troll why would I want to date you, or perhaps she might have really had a b/f...

And then my thoughts drifted further into wondering how many times my own feelings have shaped my own views of a situation inaccurately. How often people do this?

I guess I could have simply asked and tried to explain another view but I was too tired and not interested in talking with them though I'm semi amused by how folks do this and why and connecting the dots. Perhaps I really should study some sort of therapy. . .

Alright ramblings done!

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