Friday, June 14, 2013

It's been a while

Schedule Update!

*my camming dates may fall when I'm free, If you'd like live updates do follow me on twitter or fave me on Streamate*


16th Hlwdwinkola Shoot
19th Leonard Thompson Shoot
20th Shattered Vortex Shoot
22nd Steam Circus Meet-Up Group Shoot w/ Alt-Error LA
25th Jimmy King Shoot
29th Shooting Range Meet-Up
30th Movie night


1st- 7th (Jury Duty Week *sigh*)
4th-7th Anime Expo 2013
10th Due West Shoot
27th *tentative Comic book shoot

**warning rambling half hungry rant alert...**

A few plans have melded together and others not so much. Sometimes I wonder will all this working itself out (which means endlessly working myself into exhaustion) will end up working itself out.

Let's see what have I experienced since we last had a large cluster fuck of words smashing violently at your face? Oh yes I remember yesterday I got some message saying "if you believe that the only people who deserve your conversation must pay for it then we shouldn't be talking". Other such messages by the great Fetlife Baron are "zomfg you took how many months to answer my message" Mind you there are messages that are buried so deep that they've probably been there over a year that I'll probably never get to but if it's not answered that day people bitch at me about it or not being on the site that much bla bla blobbity bla

Here's some honesty for your eye socket... If we aint fucking... I owe you nothing. Don't worry the opposite is true, you owe me absolutely nothing. I don't demand that anyone come to my shows but if you're into that sort of thing then do come talk to me cause I want to have fun and not starve to death or be a homeless person (though how this battle will actually fair has much left to be desired at this point since but I'll save that discussion for a later time).

I never said in order to talk to me you MUST pay but if you want me on your time then you do have to pay. This is not to mention the countless folks that I talk to simply because I enjoy talking to them... am I going to indulge in their weird fart fetish that I have zero interest in when I'm sitting here taking the bus and eating ramen noodles? No I most certainly am not... you're gonna have to pay for that. I'm not even going to lie to you and tell you that I give a shit about fart fetishes (haha give a shit)

I believe I'm pretty straight forward to those who ask. It clearly says on my Fetlife profile and others something to the tune of "here to find work and I don't mind penpals" which is pretty much the truth. Have I met folks from the site... sure have. Am I actively looking to meet random ppl who might be killers and would serve to complicate this weird little introverts life? Fuck no!

There are other less sexually driven avenues that I'd rather explore first on the off chance that I might meet ppl who aren't trying to demand things from me and will treat me like a human being.

In my work it's me and yet it isn't... it's me on steroids and pixie sticks with non of the baggage. It takes a lot of work to not mention what I'm dealing with in my personal life. To have folks come at me with such rudeness when I'm taking out the little time that I have trying to find wifi spots b/c things are sketch at home in general... is not something I need.

So... all I ask is if you don't like dont' talk to me, if you do then please be polite and respectful and I shall do the same.

I've had some very irritating family issues in the recent past pop up... I don't let them interfere with my work but realize that YOU are not the apex of the universe. I've been doing things this way for a few years now. If you REALLY wanted to get to know me, you wouldn't make stupid jokes about not getting back to you quick enough and when I explain that I'm busy get offended when OTHER PPL HAVE SAID THE SAME THING AND I CAN'T MEASURE YOU ASSHOLE SARCASM FROM A FUCKING MESSAGE!

I'm a human, I have feelings, I have a life, I have problems like anyone else...

Another random note that is a BIG problem. I get that Fetlife is a fetish site but what I don't get is why people put other folks photos on their profile when you're social networking and why someone would come to me asking about friendship and getting to know me on a personal level with a picture of your asshole, dick, cumming on someones face or some other shit that I honestly don't want to see. This is not to say that these things in and of themselves are offensive to me... they are not but someones attractiveness and even if they are sexy as the Original Uhura I don't think an Asshole should ever be the first impression that you leave to someone... have a pic of your face so that you're seen as a human being and not an asshole.

I dig the site for a few folks on there that I've be-friended who have always been kind to me even before I started using it to look for work and have been patient up until now. It's the self entitled pricks who feel like I should do tons of things for free for them w/out any consideration for what the fuck my profile actually says and that maybe, just maybe I have a life and issues to deal with that are personal and beyond their knowledge and that to do so for free with me not getting anything out of the exchange... NO THAT'S NOT ALWAYS MONEY, but you can't be boring, have grammar that would put a pre-schooler to shame, nothing remotely interesting about you and have me jump for joy when your conversation does absolutely nothing for me...

I'm sure I will lose some followers etc over this... or maybe I won't but I can't do anything but be myself. My main reason for being on the Internet at all is work first. I do very little socializing here, in fact my Real Name is all but nonexistent on the Internet. That should say something.

You get back what you put in... I owe you nothing, You owe me nothing... connection happens naturally. If you're unhappy with what you get from me then don't interact with me or discuss the problem, Can't come to a compromise? Part ways...

^---by Henry Neves


  1. Howdy :)
    keep up the good work of looking after yourself first , sit back relax and enjoy a few cheesecake cookies , real friends don't care how long it takes for you to get back to them , and if you ever want some one to rant/vent/scream at or just chat with that is completely separate from your usual circle of friends let me me know i've been told i'm a good listener
    Trevorau on D.A

  2. Hey Britney, no apologies/explanations needed! I'm a fellow black cam model/admirer of your work and I totally agree. The only difference is I have a wonderful loving fiance and have to deal with guys (I mean this is still a job/hobby). Very very few nice guys, most assholes and beggars. Guys always seem to want to force themselves on you...sending random dicks of their dicks to your inbox, asking to do so and trying to find personal information.

    Guys forget cam girls are online TO MAKE MONEY, yes some like me may provide a virtual girlfriend experience but it all ends online and ONCE I've logged off haha This is why I don't even do phone lol

    Don't get discouraged by broke, ignorant desperate perverts out to exploit you. How can someone with NO intellect expect me to be interested by his incessant chatta? I get annoyed easily when guys come into rooms saying...I like you etc but when asked to tip for requests say dumb shit like "I don't pay for pussy" LOL! motherfucka u on a PAYING SEX you think the average girl wants to see you for free? They come to us because many of you do not have the cognitive ability to clearly communicate and or express your feelings to women/people. I mean c'mon with words like "bb" it truly drops my IQ. O.o

    If you like me so much why don't you show your appreciation and stop bitching (go as far as calling a me ugly) when I don't give you free shit...even IF your a regular. Thank god camming is not my only source of income. It is hard to do this everyday lol especially since patience is a virtue for me.

    Anyways stay cool and make that money! Good luck with your shoots. Hope to see you when you have a chance ; )